P.J.I Engineering install conveyor systems for major suppliers in the UK and Europe. Our aim is to provide top quality installation teams with the experience to install their product to the highest standard.

At PJI we pride ourselves on our close customer relationships so we can achieve the standards they expect to receive from ourselves.

Listed below are a small snapshot of company's PJI have completed projects  installations on behave of mayfran international:-


Supply conveyor systems to a wide range of customers worldwide such as:-

1. Toyota
2. Jaguar
3. Ford
4. Nissan
5. Honda
6. BMW
7. IBC Luton
8. Corus

Some of these products we have installed are:-

Scrap conveyors.
Swarf conveyors
Chip conveyors – plus a whole lot more material systems.


Tracoinsa are a major supplier of conveyors systems in the UK, and PJI Engineering are proud to state that we assist the company with installation projects. PJI have the experience to install a wide variety of conveyor systems, some of which we have listed below:-

1. Overhead power and free conveyors
2. Inverted power and free conveyors
3. Skid conveyors
4. Overhead EMS conveyors
5. Belt conveyors
6. Powered roller conveyors
7. Gravity roller conveyors
8. Turntables

And a whole lot more...

Some of their customers in the UK that we have been involved with in the installations are:-

1. Ford Motors
2. IBC Luton
3. Vauxhalls
4. Jaguar Cars

P.J.I Engineering also provide a maintenance and service back up for your individual requirements.